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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the MLS?

    The MLS – Multiple Listing Service – is a broker owned fee based service to licensed members to input listings for sellers and search listings for buyers. The MLS is the primary tool agents use to find a property when they have a buyer; it is used by all agents. The buyer's office commission amount offered is required by the MLS along with the detailed information about the home including pictures. Your advantage is the increased exposure to buyer. By listing your property on the MLS you will gain this increased exposure which is accessible to everyone who is in the market to buy a home.

  • What telephone number will people call for a showing?

    You will be contacted directly by all buyers and agents with buyers who would be interested in seeing your home. The MLS requires our office information, but agents will be instructed to call you before they show your property. If agents or buyers contact us, they will be referred to you. According to MLS public websites are not permitted to show the owner’s name or phone number. This MLS rule applies to all companies that are members of the MLS.

  • Do I need to come to your office to list my home?

    NO. Our services are set up to maximize your convenience. The necessary paperwork can be filled out online, emailed, faxed, or mailed both ways so there is no travel, appointment, or time-consuming meetings necessary to get listed. The sign lock box, and/or other supplies are generally sent out the next day from our office.

  • Do I need a key box?

    We highly recommend that you use an electronic key box but we do have combination key boxes available for sale on our website as well. Electronic key boxes makes it easy and convenient for agents to show your home at any time. We have electronic key boxes available for rental. This electronic key box also records the agent’s information when they enter the home. Please return the key box within a week after your property is sold or cancelled. In order to minimize the risk of misuse of the electronic key box we recommend against the use of electronic key boxes on door handles that can be unscrewed from the outside or on other parts of the home from which the key box can be easily removed.

  • Can I send my own photos to be displayed with my listing?

    YES. You have a choice of taking your own photos and submitting it to us, or you can hire a photographer. Our MLS requires a minimum of 8 photos and we can accommodate a maximum of 30 photos. (One of the exterior and 7 interior’s). Other photos may include front and back yard, kitchen, living, dining, family and bedrooms, and any views from YOUR property if applicable. When selecting your photos, keep in mind that having a current photo is important, especially in season. All web sites will display your home information including the photos to the general public, prospective buyers will get the first impression by this presentation. Take photos with a wide angle lens. All photos must be of your property. For more see our Home Selling Tips.

  • Will my listing look like other listings?

    YES. Your listing will be identical to the listings of competing real estate companies. It will show all photos and all listing information, including the commission offered to an agent who successfully sells the home, and instructions for showing the home.

  • Can I make changes to my listing?

    YES. You can make changes online, log on to My Account, or email your changes after reviewing the listing - there is no charge for corrections. You will be assigned a Listing Number and you can reference this number to agents to identify your listing. You can have several changes to your listing like price without extra charges. You must fill out and sign the Change Request form. Our service include free status changes (Pending Sale–Subject To Inspection; Pending–Accepting Back up Offers; Pending; Sale Failed–Back On Market; and Sold.) Your changes will appear within 1-2 days on the MLS

  • Who will be the main contact person after my home is listed?

    Our broker and our staff will be your contact once you are listed. We are licensed brokers and members of the MLS. We are committed and focused on helping you sell your home with the least amount of hassle and inconvenience.

  • Can I ask a buyer if they are approved for a mortgage?

    YES. Before you agree to show your home to a buyer you should know if they are in a position to buy your home. In today’s tight credit market all buyers should be pre-approved for a mortgage before they begin looking at homes. Requiring a pre-approval letter lets you know whether the buyer is qualified to buy your home and it will make the purchase process much simpler. The buyer should present a pre-approval letter on the letterhead of a mortgage lender and signed by a loan officer. If the buyer does not have such a letter, you should not accept the offer until they have obtained one. Many lenders can provide these letters to a buyer within a day after the buyer completes the application and submits the required paperwork.

  • Will agents show my listing if I am not paying the full 6% commission?

    YES. Agents want to find a home that meets their buyer’s needs as quickly as possible, as long as they get paid a competitive commission. The MLS listing does not show how much you are paying to list your home, only what you are offering to pay the agent who brings the buyer.

  • Will anyone have access to my home?

    NO. Only persons working with an agent will have access to your home. These person must be accompanied by a Licensed Agent at all time. In the event that a buyer is not working with an agent, it will be up to your discretion whether or not to grant access to your property.

  • Who will host my Open House?

    Our Premium package does come with 1 broker sponsored Open House. So you the customers will determine when you would like to hold your house open to the public. Just contact us through your secured user portal and send us your open house dates and we will set it up and market it to the public for you.